Salvador Dalì

"The only difference between me and a madman is that
I am not mad"

 Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí is one of the most recognized artists of the 20th century.

His art and his unmistakable personality have made him not only unforgettable as an artist but have also made owning his work a goal of collectors around the globe.

Following in the steps of many of the great names of the 20th century, Dalí worked to create art in lithography, etching, and serigraphy as a first choice. These techniques lent themselves to Dalí’s vision of the final result he was seeking and gave him the ability to create imagery that suited his goals.

It was 1938 that Dalí's true magic moment came when he met his hero, Sigmund Freud.

After painting his portrait, Dalí was thrilled to learn that Freud had said, "So far, I was led to consider completely insane the Surrealists, who I think Dalí had been adopted as the patron saint. This young Spaniard with his candid, fanatical eyes and his undeniable technical mastery has made me change my mind.”

Dalí's print work increases in demand continuously as young collectors seek out his work. Appealing to sophisticated buyers who enjoy the eccentric approach Dalí used and the many mysteries of his famed imagery that create a sense of wonder and curiosity in all ages.



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