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Salvador Dalí

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Breathing Pneumatic Armchair

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
42" x 34.5"
Etching, Lithograph & Collage
In pencil

In Breathing Pneumatic Armchair, Dalí shows us a luxurious armchair transformed into far more than what we might expect. This common object becomes fantastic, perhaps representing an even greater truth. The collaged portion of this piece was borrowed from his own 1929 painting The Accommodation of Desire, which is now owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Dallas Museum of Art, which has Breathing Pneumatic Armchair in their collection, comments on the work, “Extremely proud of his claim to promote harmony with the cosmos, Dalí sketches an outline of himself, mustached and crowned, to the right of his armchair invention. The lion’s head underneath the chair may symbolize the passion, fear, and prowess of the human psyche, now subsumed under the calming rhythm of the pneumatic chair.”


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