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Pablo Picasso

A Picasso on your wall is like the Rolls Royce in your driveway. It does the talking for you.

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Pablo Picasso Art
Salvador Dali Art

Salvador Dalì

An instant conversation starter, Dalí’s work is much more understandable than even he would admit to. His symbolism represents a language that can be deciphered, revealing a historically aware and well-read intellectual. Dalí had his own theories on everything and his observations exposed the superior understanding of a true genius in contrast to his false claims of ignorance.

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Albrecht Dürer

A contemporary of Leonardo Di Vinci, Dürer’s work is the oldest of all the works we offer. Amazingly, you can still own a 450-year-old Dürer woodcut or etching.

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Albrecht Durer Art
Joan Miro Art

Joan Mirò

Panned by critics in his lifetime, Miró is now considered one of the top master artists of the 20th century. The worldwide demand for his art is insatiable. Success is the greatest rebuttal.

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Henri Matisse

Picasso did everything he could to annoy Matisse. A true sign of his admiration.

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Henry Matisse Art
Marc Chagall Art

Marc Chagall

The marvel of Chagall’s work is that Fauvism, Cubism, Symbolism, and Surrealism have all claimed him as their own. Evoking great emotion through the simplicity of design, Chagall’s work is increasingly rare.

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Rembrandt van Rijn

Among the most recognizable artists of all time and considered the absolute greatest master of the etching process – astonishingly, it is still possible to own a creation by his own hand.

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Rembrandt Art
Historical Art

Historical Original

From the 18th & 19th century, before photography, these rare historical works make it possible to glimpse into a past that is only available to us through the eyes of the artist.

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