Anthony Hopkins

“There’s no meaning in it.
I think it’s awful to try to put meaning into stuff and say this is what it means…
I don’t analyze. I just go for it. I don’t feel afraid of it. I don’t feel I have to prove anything.
I just paint.”

Anthony Hopkins

One of the most dynamic personalities of the last 40 years, the two-time Academy Award winning actor, composer, artist, and humanitarian – Sir Anthony Hopkins, brought his art to the world for the first time in 2005.

Forging his own path and rejecting the influence of others who have come before, Hopkins brings his own potent energy to the canvas. In a unique process, he brings memories of people, places, and events to life in colorful images.

He fearlessly creates the faces and places that have been a part of his incredible life. Sir Anthony Hopkins moves ahead, destined to be one of the great innovative masters of our time.

It was Tony’s wife Stella who first got him to paint. Stella had seen his drawings in the margins of his scripts.
Unannounced she bought him paint, easels and canvas and set him up with a small studio and told him to paint.

Besides getting him to try painting, she also needed to find a way to always keep his restless mind busy. It worked on both counts.