Fine Art Framing

An essential part of the curator’s responsibility is also to oversee the framing of each masterwork to archival standards. Not only must framing be beautiful, appropriate to the artist and the period but it must be protected and framed to standards that guarantee the future longevity of the work.
Glenn Harte - Collector, Curator, Artist Agent, Art Enthusiast

Many works that Harte International Galleries sell are already 100, 200 and even up to 450 years old. It’s a miracle that they have survived at all. The framing of art was not held to any standard even just 50 years ago and many works have disintegrated due to acidity, damage from weeping wood frames, rusty nails and broken glass and have been badly restored or lost forever. Archival framing involves techniques and standards developed primarily during the last 40 years to protect art from the natural acidity that occurs in the paper itself, the framing materials, tapes, fabrics, and damage from use of glass, nails, or screws.  
Harte International Galleries contracts only qualified master framers who can meet the standards for building frames that hold to all archival standards and that will survive shipping and even dropping off a wall onto the floor. These frames are more than beautiful. They are the time capsules that protect your work for several lifetimes. They are the best, safest and most beautiful frames that money can buy.