“The pursuit of documentation for a masterwork is like a detective’s pursuit of evidence”
Devon Harte - Senior Curator
wax Seal - Harte International Galleries
wax Seal - Harte International Galleries

Unprecedented in the world of fine art collection, Harte International Galleries provides a complete dossier with every master work it sells; the only gallery in the world that provides a full package of documented authentication, history and provenance.

Assembled and authored by our research team, you receive unparalleled documentation that insures your peace of mind and increases the value of your acquisition, taking away all the uncertainty. It is the masterwork’s essential  birthright and not available from typical sources.

You receive this full package including all the available historical records, catalogue raisonné pages, curator’s statement, archival summary, value comparisons, watermark identification, provenance, a third-party authentication and even a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.