Emzar Kahbuliani

ფერი უნდა იყოს შერჩეული ფრთხილად და შერწყმული სიყვარულით პოეზიის შესაქმნელად

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Emzar Kahbuliani

Emzar Khabuliani was born in the Republic of Georgia. As a young man he left his home to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist. He made his way to the big city lights and the famous art academy of Tbilisi. He earned his qualification as artist/designer/painter, a very highly regarded qualification and degree in the East European countries where there is a strict standard of skill required.

Today Emzar has left his classical training behind with whimsical, unique and detailed paintings with a special mastery of the color pallet.  Collected and showcased internationally, he has had sold out shows in Russia and Switzerland.

Emzar doesn’t speak a word of English and he’s never been to the United States. We communicate with him through translators, and we often have find the English version of his thoughts to find the titles of his paintings.