15th - 20th Cent. Masters

Salvador Dalí

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Tristan and Isolde

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
31" x 35"
In pencil

Tristan and Isolde have been condemned and they have run into the forest to hide. There they meet the hermit, Ogrin. Friar Ogrin too, reminds them of their sins and tells them to return and repent - until he discovers that they had accidentally drunk of a love potion and that their treachery was unwitting. In Brother Ogrin, the Hermit, Dalí shows Ogrin as a holy man, but dark and foreboding. He sits naked on the ground with long and unruly hair as he holds a cross to symbolize his faith. A skull lies partially buried beside the hermit friar and reminds us again that Tristan and Isolde's future is bleak.


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