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Salvador Dalí

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Surrealist Crutches

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
34" x 39.5"
Lithograph and Etching
In pencil

In 1971, Dalí created a suite of 12 pieces entitled "Memories of Surrealism." Each piece commemorated a different accomplishment Dalí had made as a surrealist artist. Throughout the suite, Dalí exercised his ability to baffle and bewilder the viewer, two characteristics that represent his best surrealist work. Surrealist Crutches is built from the ideas that define Dalí as a master, using some of his finest surrealistic imagery. Dalí articulately creates a surrealist dream with the focal point of the crutch, along with a butterfly, rocks, and a spinning man off to the side. These symbols, among many other iconic images, inspired people to change how they viewed art, and Dali's eccentric style revolutionized the art world.


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