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Salvador Dalí

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Anti-Umbrella with Atomized Liquid

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
42" x 34.5"
Etching, Lithograph & Collage
In pencil

In Anti-Umbrella with Atomized Liquid, a figure is posed under an umbrella. The umbrella creates rain instead of shielding it. We also see small particles related to Dali's interest in science, atoms, and the atomic bomb. Dalí often sought ways to incorporate the invisible atomic world in his work. Above the figure's right arm is a collaged image of a distorted face. This is a portion of Dali's famous painting Soft Self Portrait (1941), in which his own melted face is being supported by crutches and eaten by ants. Dalí used this Crutch/Prop image as a symbol of the necessity to support something that is unable to stand alone, whether physically, morally, or spiritually.


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