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Salvador Dalí

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Sewing Machine

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
14.5" x 20"
In pencil

To further grasp what is happening in the Sewing Machine, we must look to the Dalian symbols Dalí placed throughout the work to articulate his artistic illustration in a surreal and meaningful way. First, we see a gold sewing machine with a woman in a red dress. A fashion designer is to the woman's left and riding a large fish. In ancient mythology, the fish is a symbol of transformation and creation, a point that Dalí intended to make as a reverence to the transformation of the clothing and fashion industry utilizing the invention of the sewing machine. Dalí has further commented on innovation by inserting his famous melting soft clock. This soft watch or soft clock is an invention by Dalí, the idea that a soft/melting clock is timeless. Making the clock soft makes it impossible for the clock to function or time to be told, thus becoming timeless or eternal. In this artistic vision, Dalí has continued the soft clock in the ray of light extending over the sewing machine from above as the two creations of these great masters have merged.


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