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Salvador Dalí

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Liquid and Gaseous Television

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
42" x 34.5"
Etching, Lithograph & Collage
In pencil

In Liquid and Gaseous Television, a man is sitting on a great open plane gazing towards a cube. The front of the cube is a collaged image of Dali’s painting, “Mae West’s Face which may be Used as a Surrealist Apartment”. This painting is one of Dali’s most famous works, as he merged the image of the Hollywood starlet with everyday objects. In the piece, her facial features are replaced by household items. The publisher has further elaborated on Liquid and Gaseous Television with the following details: “The Liquid and gaseous TV utilizes the phenomena of watered patterns, of phosphorescence, of iridescence in emulsions which are capable of refracting light. Hence, by the means of chemistry, we can introduce liquids to gaseous surfaces. Thus, it becomes capable of receiving holographic reconstructions. This is the future of television. No physical medium is required, merely liquids and gasses. With this invention, it is possible to project in the heavens a gigantic image- perhaps Mae West- for all the people to see.” Ironically, this insightful description was 50 years before fiber optics and LED lighting were applied to use in televisions.


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