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Salvador Dalí

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Rout at San Germano

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
46" x 41"
In pencil

Salvador Dalí was fond of retelling history through dreamlike artistic creations. He created some of the most daring and spectacular works by developing unique commentary on historical events and his art often rewrote our perception of these moments. His personal knowledge of history, mythology and science presented opportunity to elaborate by putting his surrealist twist on them. With dramatic and fantastic illustrations Dalí would leave the viewer to deliberate his artwork and encourage them to further ponder the subject matter. According to Albert Field (famed Dalí cataloguer) in Rout at San Germano, Dalí has commemorated the defeat of the Turks in their advance into Europe. Shown is a joust between two knights on horses, with a fallen soldier below, we take note of a man with a staff far in the distance.


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