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Salvador Dalí

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Liquid Tornado Bath Tub

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
42" x 34.5"
Etching & Lithograph
In pencil

In Liquid Tornado Bath Tub, swirling tornados encompass a struggling female figure. The tub is filled with brightly colored and glowing liquid, and its legs are formed by human faces. Historians have noted that these faces are, in fact, self-portraits, as they appear in many of Dali’s most memorable and important paintings. They are one of the icons Dalí first developed during the 1930s, and they continued appearing in his work throughout his career. The publisher explained Dali’s vision in detail and noted, "This is fantastic! If you want to bathe, you pick up your radiophone and call for your captain. Momentarily, there will appear in the sky a special helicopter which can create a vortex. At your will, there is released from the helicopter a miniature waterspout which we can pilot where we wish. This waterspout comes down and cleanses your body. It contains special cleansing substances so that we bathe without a bathtub, no receptacle, and no other device. We are now fresh and clean. The helicopter goes away, and we go out to dinner.”


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