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Salvador Dalí

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Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
42" x 33.5"
In pencil

Here, Dalí has combined the traditional images of Joan of Arc with his surreal vision of her triumphantly riding a horse with spear in hand. In a surrealist twist, Dalí has used a spray of blood from a nondescript figure, as a symbol of coming events and her connection with Christ and as a reference to her unfulfilled intentions. Dalí’s use of blood in many of his paintings, especially in streams or droplets, appear when Dalí wishes us to see a connection between the imagery and the crucifixion of Christ. The use of this symbol correlates to the Biblical symbology of the ‘sacrificial lamb’ and the ceremonial tradition God instructed the Jews to practice, which was forebear of the actual crucifixion of Christ. The bleeding nondescript form refers to the stifling or holding back of her potential through martyrdom. The symbology Dalí has chosen to incorporate into this work perfectly ties into the Christian theme which Dalí proliferates throughout his body of work. The symbolism in the lithograph is multifaceted and profound. Joan's armor, combined with her angelic presence, represents the duality of her character as a warrior and a visionary. Dalí portrays her as a martyr, reflecting her eventual fate, while simultaneously presenting her as a symbol of transcendence and heroism. Through this artwork, Dalí explores themes of sacrifice, faith, and the indomitable power of the human spirit.


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