15th - 20th Cent. Masters

Pablo Picasso

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The Rider

Pablo Picasso
FRAMED Dimensions:
37" x 42"
In pencil

In this image, The Rider – Picasso has again chosen one of his favorite subjects, but this time he presents the viewer with a contrast to ponder. The Rider features a woman in grandiose clothing atop a horse with a clown-like figure in front of her. The scene is joyful as a beautifully adorned horse, and glamorous rider graces the corrida as she smiles down on the clown moments before the life and death struggle between man and beast begins. The background undoubtedly shows the corrida with the audience cheering on the entertainment. Picasso's typical imagery includes the intense drama of bullfighting, horses, matadors, picadors, and toreadors and most frequently shows the life and death struggle between courageous fighters and the bull.


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