15th - 20th Cent. Masters

Marc Chagall

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The Painter with Three Bouquets

Marc Chagall
FRAMED Dimensions:
38.5" x 33"
In pencil

In the subject artwork, the flowers take center stage rather than the figures. The embrace of the artist and bride, as well the artist at work, are simply surrounding the flowers, rendering them as support for the beautiful bouquets Chagall has strategically placed front and center. The colorful bouquets of flowers directly centered is symbolic of beauty, romance, innocence, and love. A rooster hoovers above and is a timeless Chagall symbol widely used throughout his entire body of work, symbolizing fertility, power, and vitality. This glowing work of art is a testament to Chagall's command of color, his love of life, and an intimate look into his method of creating.  


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