15th - 20th Cent. Masters

Joan Miró

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Joan Miró
FRAMED Dimensions:
42" x 58"
In pencil

The carborundum texture in Hooked can be seen in the bold black lines that are featured as the profile of this amazing work. Miró was known for his use of black in carrying other colors and for its stark contrast to the paper ground. Confident pure strokes of blue, green, red, and yellow are used to pull the images from the ground, while the application of the aquatint is used to give the image a wonderful depth and dramatic feel. Hooked portrays the surrealist style that Miró pioneered, as the unconscious hook comes to life through imagination and innovation. The intrepid black line that moves through the top of the work, between the two red circles, creates a fish-like hook that makes the viewer wonder in amazement of Miró’s intent and leaves us “hooked” on this image.


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