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Holstein Friesian at Rest

circa 1780
FRAMED Dimensions:
29" x 24"
Oil on Board

Holstein Friesian at Rest emulates the Dutch landscape paintings of the 1700s and is a rarely available example of the genre. This painting is a treasured survivor and was cared for by collectors who preserved it with care for the last 250-300years. Painted on board (the most common surface for a Dutch artist of this time period, since it was more readily available than canvas), this classic Dutch landscape of a cow is accurate to its origin, imagery, substrate, and framing. The materials used in its creation further confirm the authenticity of this beautiful oil painting and add to the collectability.  

Of significant interest to knowledgeable collectors is also that, Holstein Friesian at Rest, is remarkably framed in a period Dutch 17th century classic black ripple frame. We have carefully preserved and exposed this amazing frame - a work of art in its own right - for viewing, both front and verso. Classic Dutch frames from this period are rare and can sell for thousands of dollars in today’s market by themselves and are greatly desired by purist collectors.


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