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Delaware River at Fort Mifflin

circa 1870
FRAMED Dimensions:
29" x 23"
Oil on Canvas

Delaware River at Fort Mifflin features a United States frigate off the coast of the famed military base, Fort Mifflin, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The fort was rebuilt in 1793 and only the white stone walls of the fort survive today. The artist of this painting included those famous white stone walls, which reach down to the Delaware River.

The composition of this 1800s painting is striking and full of details and historic insights. To the left, you see an American flag proudly flying high atop the lookout on the turret at Fort Mifflin. In the foreground, you see a family fishing and enjoying the warm sunny day. It is interesting that the artist spent a great deal of time illustrating the engaged family (as if it was his own family) with countless features and with elaborate technique. The U.S. naval vessel off the coast is a period ship and possibly bringing supplies to the Fort. This magnificent work of art is an accurate look into a day on the Delaware River in the mid to late 1800s.  


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