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Albrecht Dürer

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The Flight into Egypt

Albrecht Dürer
circa 1503
FRAMED Dimensions:
25" x 29"
Monogram AD

With fantastic features, and despite an incredibly difficult medium, Dürer has made this well-known biblical scene come to life. He has captured the intense moment when Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus (Mary is clinching baby Jesus on horseback) had to pack their things and travel through the night to escape King Herod’s killers. Dürer has incorporated magnificent detail in the upper right sky by inserting angels who are most certainly watching over them. When looking through the trees, you also discover a buck sitting in the woods on the left, and the animals Joseph is pulling along are perfectly rendered as he steps over a bridge. Dürer has captured our imagination with his illustration and made the Bible come to life with precise visual characteristics that awaken our spirituality and creativity.


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