Scott Cleek

“My mind is full of special moments I need to paint.”

Scott Cleek

Scott Cleek’s paintings transport us to a vignette of our most cherished memories. A special moment. A special feeling. A special person. A portal to those positive moments that bring a smile to our face.

Collectors take note.  This is the art that will trigger a memory of that special moment in your life, a positive emotion that will live forever.

With all his success, Scott still insists on teaching art as a way of sharing his passion.

He works diligently from 4:00 in the morning on his own creations then heads to school where his goal is to instill a passion for painting in his student’s hearts.

He teaches technique and method but most of all he expands his own artistic universe while he works with the young artists who will someday proclaim that they were “… taught by Scott Cleek.”