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Salvador Dalí

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Moses and Akhenaten

Salvador Dalí
FRAMED Dimensions:
32" x 39"
Lithograph with Engraving
In pencil

In the work Moses and Akhenaten, Dalí seems to summarize the entire collection of etchings from the “Moses and Monotheism” series by creating a broader vision of the significance of Moses’ adoption of monotheism and its connection with Akhenaten. A hole in the chest of the central two-headed figure is a Freudian metaphor, intended as a window of light meant to inspire viewers to see beyond what is first visible. Peppered throughout, Dalí hints at other meanings by using gadflies, birds, the calf which would become the “Golden Calf” while Moses went to Mount Sinai, and a ghostly hand of God holding a scroll, shown from above.


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