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Landscape with a Cow

circa 1650
FRAMED Dimensions:
23" x 19"

As a resident of the thriving Dutch city of Amsterdam in the 1600s, Rembrandt van Rijn would journey outside the city walls for artistic inspiration. Rembrandt’s attention was drawn to the farmhouses, open fields, and riverbanks that varied so much from the city life to which he was accustomed. By the 1640s, Rembrandt decided to take his love for landscapes to the etching medium and he did so with the special techniques and artistic inventions that are still studied to this day. The fine details of the cow drinking from the pond and the large trees blowing over the house draw the eye closer in and complete this magical landscape scene. Rembrandt’s landscapes are rare among his subject matter and are much sought after by connoisseurs and collectors as well as featured in museum collections and exhibits around the world.


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